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Double Wrist Grab

by on Aug.10, 2011, under Techniques

This situation is a very simple one, that can work with both a single and double wrist grab. In this scenario, the attacker grabs both wrists (maybe just one). You will proceed to make circles, either inside or outside circle will work. Circling outside will break the assailants grip, whereas inside will be more painful/damaging, perhaps breaking the wrist. The images below will demonstrate an inside circle motion from a double wrist grab. Always remember to think circles and breathe…

In this first picture, the attacker grabs both wrists. You should take a wide stance, put your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and breathe through your nose.

ACT women's self defense rape sexual assault

Begin circling in an outside to inside motion, clockwise.

ACT women's self defense rape sexual assault










As attacker pulls, STEP TO HIM (backwards thinking), circle hands outside to inside, moving your hands to your power center.

ACT women's self defense rape sexual assault










After breaking the grip (possibly the wrist), proceed to escape from the situation when possible. Maybe you will need to go further than just breaking the grip. If necessary follow through with a groin (inner thigh) strike or other strike until you are in a safe position to escape. More of these strikes, including striking tools and targets to come, as well as new scenarios.

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Front Hair Grab

by on Mar.15, 2011, under Techniques, Uncategorized

In this scenario the assailant approaches the victim from the front and precedes to choke her.

women's self defense front hair grab DO NOT LEAN FORWARD OR TRY TO PULL WAY! Instead, LOCK HIS HANDS DOWN HARD WITH BOTH YOUR HANDS! Drop/lower your stance. self defense technique for women front hair grab

Think Backward Thinking. As your attacker pulls STEP IN! Hold his hands down hard against you head.
hair grab rape assailant defense for women

As you step, IF you see his leg, STRIKE the inner thigh! Keep going through, continuing the circle.
women's self defense front hair grab

As you complete your circle hold down his hand hard against your head.
women's self defense front hair grab

Now STAND UP! As you complete your circle, stand up!
Women's self defense front hair grab

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How To Get Out Of A Bear Hug

by on Oct.07, 2010, under Techniques

bear hug sexual assaultThis article will describe defense against a BEAR HUG, from behind with the arms pinned. This can be a very dangerous position because the attacker most likely want to lift you up and throw you to the ground. REMEMBER to breath, backward thinking and MAKE CIRCLES!

Push your body weight back,  fast and hard. This will make him move back so the attacker will be able to hold the push.

Now bring your arms up to capture his arms and do not let go until you hit the ground! ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT: HOLD his arms TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE SIDE.  This will prevent him from moving his arms up to choke you.

woman's defense bear hugContinue PUSHING BACK and DROPPING YOUR WEIGHT  DOWN! This will open him up so you can continue with your defense. Because you have pushed him back and dropped weight he now has opened his legs to be able to hold your weight and keep his grip. KEEP PUSHING BACK!! HOLD ON TO HIS ARMS!! You should go right between his legs. DO NOT LET GO OF HIS ARMS yet!

sexual assault act women's defense bear hug

NOW let go of his arms and ROLL (circle) hard against his leg. GRAB HIS LEG, LOCK ON TIGHT! He will try to pull you off his leg. Get Ready to Circle the other way, because if you can’t circle one way, circle the other way.

woman's self defenseBACKWARDS THINKING and CIRCLES: As your attacker pulls your arms off his leg, ROLL as hard as you can to his other leg.

As you make contact with his other leg keep rolling. As his leg gets trapped keep rolling. This can cause serious damage to the assailants knee and ankle, possible breaking them. As he falls keep rolling. You will wind up on top. Now attack!

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Double Shirt Grab from Behind

by on Sep.15, 2010, under Techniques

This tutorial explains how to get out of a shirt grab from behind.This is when the assailant comes up from behind and grabs your shirt, as if to pull you with him. The first thing you would think is to resist against the assailant’s pull. DON’T DO THIS (as explained in Backwards Thinking). Instead you want to go with the pull and keep a deep, or rooted stance. The easiest and most important piece to remember is to MAKE CIRCLES!

In this picture, the assailant grabs your blouse or shirt from behind. Remember DO NOT PULL AWAY! This puts you into a position of being choked by your shirt and makes it harder to fighting back. Tongue to the roof of your mouth, BREATH and start thinking Circles.

Look at your attacker, stepping backwards hard, make your circle, and BAM!  Your elbow strikes the head, neck, or nose, who cares, just hit it on the way through. After this strike prepare your second hand to strike.

In this picture, the elbow strike is complete and the circle is complete, JUST step through your attacker, STRIKING the INNER THIGH, BAM! (Look what happens to the ankle or the knee!) SECOND HAND STRIKE!(Hair Grab, Ear Grab, Stirke the base of the skull just behind the ear.)

There are a ton of strikes that you can do from a grab from behind, but in order to do this you must remember to MAKE CIRCLES. From there the strikes come natural from the swing of the arm created by the circle.

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